Profile Jessica Gomes September 03 2013, 0 Comments

“I love this label”, Jessica Gomes, Model.

Stunning Australian supermodel and fitness junkie, Jessica Gomes, sent us this image of her Sydney harbour side warm up, wearing our legendary No 1 Ass Pants and Super Chic top. Joining a growing celebrity following for WORK OUT LIFE, Jess says she loves this label. "What I love about WORK OUT LIFE is the fact I can go train but still look put together and fashionable. I feel very chic in all their black products. It's good quality and long lasting".  Jessica has graced the pages of Sport Illustrated for several years running and has recently been appointed as David Jones Ambassador. Jessica, who knows more than most about staying healthy and looking great, says she likes to work out daily, mixing up hiking with pilates and cycling.