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  1. Add a Scoop to Pancake Batter

Pancake batter is a great way to get more greens. Try adding more greens powder to your day by stirring them into this delicious, gluten-free pancake recipe.

  1. Make Green Eggs for Breakfast

Adding greens powder to your eggs is a delicious, savoury way to enjoy health benefits of greens, and take a break from the morning guzzle. You may not have thought about eggs when you came looking for greens powder recipes, but here’s one delicious way to make “green eggs” with your greens powder

  1. Mix into Cereal

A hot bowl of quinoa breakfast cereal is the perfect place to stir in your greens. Top with fresh berries, crunchy almonds, and a drizzle of sweet honey for a burst of flavor that complements the vanilla and cinnamon already in your greens powder.

  1. Make It into Soups

Add greens powder to your soups—especially no cook blender soups, which keeps all of the life-giving properties intact. This simple, spicy Thai inspired soup is a great way to whisk your greens into lunch or dinner!

  1. Mix It into Mousse

Did you know there are greens powder recipes specifically for desserts? Your greens will taste great in this surprising superfood mousse. The deep flavor of the chocolate masks much of the greens’ flavor. It makes for a great way to enjoy more greens while also enjoying dessert!

      6. Stir It into Salad Dressing

Drizzling greens powder over kale, spinach, and other crunchy veggies is a natural way to enjoy them! This simple green vinaigrette tastes great on over all your favorite salad combos.

       7. Blend It into Hummus

Superboost traditional hummus by stirring greens powder into a store-bought tub of hummus. Better yet, make your own! All you need are a few basic ingredients and a blender or food processor.

       8. Prepare It with Pesto

Adding greens powder to an already green pasta sauce is a great way to boost the nutritional content of your pasta without even knowing it!

      9. Mix It into Chocolate

Stirring greens powder into chocolate makes it easy to boost the nutrition of even the most decadent desserts. You can enjoy bites of delicious chocolate bark knowing you’re also getting alkalizing greens into your body, as well!